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The truth is, "MONEY" can't buy you Long Term Care. You buy it with your "HEALTH". Our Specialist will assist you in determining your health eligibility.  Issues or a history of  cardiovascular disease, respiratory illness, cancer, Diabetes, Autoimmune disorders, joint and musculoskeletal concerns can have an impact on underwriting classification.

Policy Features

Demystifying how to choose the right policy features to meet your future needs. The only policies our Specialist will recommend are policies with the flexibility to allowing you to use your coverage both here in the United States and internationally.  Coverage that includes Home Care, Assisted Living and all the way to a 24 hour skilled nursing facility. We'll explain all the features so your policy is as comprehensive as your needs dictate.

Tax Incentives

Our Specialist don't give Tax Advice, but we do provide the Tax incentive information for each state. Additionally the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) included provisions for favorable tax treatment of qualified Long-Term Care insurance programs.


Long-term care insurance pays a specific dollar amount per day (Daily Benefit) for a set period of time for whatever type of long-term care is outlined in the policy. For examples include:

  •     Most policy benefits are triggered by physical or mental impairments detailed in the policy.
  •     The most common impairments result in an inability to perform the six "activities of daily living known as "ADL's".
  •     Generally, a doctor is required to certify that care is medically necessary.
  •     Policies offering benefits for cognitive or mental impairments often require an inability to pass certain tests.

Discount Qualifications

Spousal, Health, and Group are just a few of the discounts offered by Long term care companies. Discounts are taken from premiums in a certain order. The trick is to determine the unique ways to take advantage of these discounts. Our specialist expertise can determine the specific order to implement a deductions to amplify these discounts to give you the best policy at the best price.

State Partnership Programs

The Long Term Care Partnership Program is a joint federal-state policy initiative to incentivize individuals to purchase private long term care insurance coverage. The Deficit Reduction Act (DRA) was signed into law on the 8th of February 2006, which includes section 6021. This provision authorized states to offer special Medicaid asset exemptions for persons purchasing and using qualified private long term care insurance policies The state programs have come to be known as 'Partnership' policies.



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