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Getting Down To Brass Tacks

Getting Down To Brass Tacks On Long Term Care Insurance

Most people over the age of 65, at some point, will need some form of long-term care to assist them with the activities of daily life. Though right now may be young and in relatively good health, a serious illness or major accident could leave you unable to care for yourself, requiring daily assistance most families can’t afford the time or the financial burden. Fortunately, long-term care coverage can insulate you from this risk by providing the funds needed to continue living safely and comfortably.

What Is Long-Term Care Insurance?

A long-term care policy pays for the help you’ll need if you get injured in an accident, develop Alzheimer’s or another cognitive disease, that limits your functionality. In addition to in-home nursing care, these policies will also cover the cost of assisted living facilities and adult day care, without the strict financial qualifications of public benefits programs.

Why Long-Term Care Insurance Is a Worthwhile Investment

Medicaid and other programs may cover the cost of long-term care, but only after you’ve completely exhausted your retirement savings. These costs can be financially catastrophic to your spouse and those who you had planned on leaving behind a legacy. Because so many people need these services at some point in their lives, long-term care coverage is a valuable investment, protecting everything you’ve spent your life building.

When Should You Buy Long-Term Care Coverage?

Insurers won’t provide coverage to those who already need professional care, so most people purchase coverage in their mid-40s or 50s. If you have a family history of Alzheimer’s or a medical condition that could limit your activities in the future, purchasing a policy before you develop symptoms is the best way to ensure you have what you need.

Long Term Care Specialist

FPS Long Term Care Specialist offers a comprehensive range of solutions and dedicated personalized service you can rely on. FPS Specialist, work with the top insurers in the industry and offer free policy reviews to customers nationwide. Visit our website www.fpsinsurance.com for more on the long-term care products, or call (800) 292-2501 to request a quote today.

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